Monday, 28 January 2013


The Lagos State Chief Coroner, the Honourable Justice L. A. Okunnu has ordered a public inquest into the Dana Plane crash which occurred at Iju-Ishaga in Lagos on June 3.
The decision followed a request made last week by human rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana. The inquest will be carried out by Magistrate O.A Komolafe, the Coroner of Alimosho District.
In a letter today, Mr. Okunnu directed Mr. Komolafe to “conduct an inquest as desired, and thereafter send to me a copy of your findings and recommendations in that regard.” In his request last week, Mr. Falana wrote as follows: “We have confirmed that the aircraft was allowed to fly even though it was defective. The distress call made by the pilot of the ilfated aircraft several minutes before the crash was ignored by the Airport Authorities while the management of the disaster was crude as members of the public had to use bare hands in the rescue operations.”
Drawing on Section 15 of the Lagos State Coroner’s Law 2007 which provides that an inquest shall hold whenever a Coroner is informed that the death of a person within his District was “in a violent, unnatural or suspicious situation,” Mr. Falana called for a coroner’s inquest.
According to the notice issued by the Coroner this morning the inquest will commence on the morning of Monday, June 18, at the Magistrate's Court, Alimosho, Lagos State.

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