Friday, 25 January 2013


A man who was described as an accomplice to Henry Okah  in the 2010 independence day bombing in Abuja has been found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment by an Abuja High Court today..

Edmund Ebiware was arrested while chilling out in Bolingo Hotel ,Abuja on October 2 ,2010.His offence?He did not inform the government about the planning and execution of the bombing which sent 12 people to their untimely graves on October 21st ,2010.

Justice Gabriel Kolawole gave three hour ruling blaming Ebiwale for failing to disclose the act of terrorism to the authorities.

However there was a funny twist as resisted security agents as they dragged him of to prison.Someone should have tried to find out why.The man most likely would have loved to watch the Nigeria vs Zambia encounter in the comfort of his home like every other patriotic Nigerian.

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