Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The boundlessness of Beyonce

At the Super Bowl one artist was said to have stolen the show .This is what all the networks are saying. She received a raving applause both on and off stage. Later her handlers demanded that some of her images at the show be taken off the internet.Beyonce is the one I am talking about here .While I must clearly state that creativity and artistic endowments are things to be appreciated ,and that I  have no personal grudge against Beyonce,This article is essentially an examination of the love of the unusual that has taken over our age.
First ,artistic performances and in reality any ejaculation of creativity serves  only one purpose on the individual and society. That purpose is simply to draw into a deeper  level of appreciation . ’ Art is for art’s sake’ ,so goes a common but true quote. Any truly creative work is a baton given to its admirers to pass on to others. This can only take place in an atmosphere permissible by society ,yes within the generally accepted norms of human behavior
Conscience  no matter how hard it's gagged strives to stop man from going beyond the normal. We naturally want to go beyond boundaries in everything but conscience will always say ,’No’.This creates an internal struggle which stifles the appreciation of true art.When wantonness takes over ,when the more base nature of man rules the mind the result is crisis and not creativity .In this turbulence art is neither received nor released. Creativity is neither recognized nor relished. So the old rule,’Art is for art’s sake is broken.The result is the effect you get when you set fire on a handful of dry leaves –smoke ,fire and ash-.One word for these is waste.In the busyness of such endeavor  time ,talent and and treasures are all lost, for ever.This is the curse of our age.
Pick up a copy of Charles Dickens’  ‘Old Curiosity Shop’, or  listen to Handel’s Messiah. How  do you to come out of these experiences feeling? A wave of creativity which is often called inspiration sweeps over  you. Whether it is a stalled business you’d like to jolt forward or an engineering challenge your company is faced with you are sure to catch the mental creativity energy to move on ahead from these experieces. That is the purpose of art.
Another dimension of  creativity  may be outrageous to most people today. Creativity serves to relax the mind and steady the nerves for the challenges ahead. This is a misplaced and utterly distorted aspect. Many who were at the Super Bowl came simply to  relax. But sadly they  were at the wrong place .Because instead of relaxing and receiving strength they went away drained .Instead of going away inspired they left tensed up,This is the hidden conspiracy against our time-looking for  all the right answers in all the wrong places-.
Lastly is the wonder of the drama surrounding the demand that some of Beyonce’s at the show images be taken off the web. While I’m not sure of any reason given for this demand,I must submit that such request would have been unnecessary if such images were acceptable within the bounds of social norm.Many no doubt came for such images –they were drawn to the event by the expectation of seeing such images.Now if such images were deliberately used to draw such people and now a demand is being made for their withdrawal then the question is ,’Who is fooling who?’That is the question I put to you .Now let's talk about this news!

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