Wednesday, 13 February 2013


February the fourteenth has over the last few hundred years been dedicated to the exchange of love. This is supposedly one of the gifts of Christianity[ Specifically the Roman Catholic Church] to modern man. Originally conceived as a day to share true love amongst peoples, the day has always been a day to appeal to the more noble qualities of the human nature. That is a great idea ,after all love is something you do not just say or affirm. But overtime a metamorphosis has been observed.
Gradually the day became special for lovers and now many began to call it ‘Lovers’ Day’. But the question we need to answer is ,’What is love? ’What is the parameter for determining love between any two persons? Can love be quantified by things? Can one have too much of love? Are there varieties of love? Can sex out of  marriage be classified as true love?
The  first miscomputation about  love is to assume that sex is another word for love. One of the saddest phenomena of the 21st century is all the misleading  branding and  indoctrination about sex.You hear people being described as being sexy or having a particular sexy feaurture.Sexual love has its place and that within the confines of a legal marital union. So two unmarried people cannot share true sexual love.Do not get me wrong please ,anyone can have sex but not everyone can enjoy sexual love. So during Valentines Day  some one can go out and get sex as much as he or she wants but he or she can never  find sexual love except with his or her legitimate mate. This misconception has driven many off life’s course; some to wrong partners, some to the divorce courts and some to their untimely graves.
Secondly, love is   associated with what can be received. This a very dangerous misconception also. This attitude is fed by the base human qualities of greed and gluttony. Love is what you do or give but love like hatred is nonmaterial. By  the law discordant dimensions nonmaterial things cannot be measured with material things. So then you must understand during  this Valentine that the bigger gift does not signify a bigger love it may simply be an indication of the depth of the giver’s wallet or handbag for that matter.
What then is love? To  fully understand what love is man must turn to God because God is love. Love is sacrifice. Juliet [to Romeo]; For thy name which is not a part of thee ,take all myself’ –[Romeo and Juliet ]–William Shakespeare. Wherever the voice of true love is heard there is an image of the Creator .This is the meaning of the often repeated Bible quote ,’God made man in His own image. True love is an image of the living God .And all through  the vista of time God has not been able to change this definition of love nor will He   because we know Him to be an unchanging God. Neither will the hang-ups and tantrums of the information age man change it.
Hence ,this Valentine  is a time to turn to God the Source, Supplier and Sustainer of true love. To reflect on His mercies; to cherish His goodness. Because at the far end of the  road the totality of our lives is going to be measured on the basis of how much we have experienced and known God for God is love. Best Valentine wishes to you.Tell me what you think in the comments box. Let’s talk about this news!

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