Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mastercard is Taking The Fear Out Of Personal Finance:Is this true for you?

MasterCard Logo

Mastercard says
"Everyone should have access to the kind of financial education that opens doors. Unfortunately for many, especially young adults entering the workforce, the un-banked and under-banked – people who have not yet taken full advantage of the financial opportunities at their disposal – personal finance can be a daunting, concept.
Our financial education programs take the fear out of personal finance issues, Our programs are primarily focused on educating young adults, the un-banked and under-banked, to empower them to become intelligent consumers. Our programs make these consumers' lives easier, taking the guesswork out of credit, debt and saving issues."

Now what's your experience with Mastercard and all other credit card company for that matter ,let the world hear you out.Post your comments here  now

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